Water Sort Puzzle

Easy to play

Play with one finger only

Awesome Theme

Multiple game play theme and bottle shapes

1000 Levels

Higher the level, higher the difficulty

Water Sort Puzzle

Are you smart enough to solve

Water Sort Puzzle is a simple, easy and addictive puzzle game.

A challenging yet stress free puzzle game to exercise your brain.

Sort the colored water in the glass bottles until all colors in the bottle not poured with same colors.

This game looks very simple, but it is quite challenging. Higher the level, higher the difficulty means you needs think critically for each move.

Test your intelligence by solving this liquid sort water puzzle game 🧠.

phone Fill the color
phone Water Sort Puzzel

Watch Video Tutorial

Learn how to play.

How to Play?

It's Simple but Tricky.

  • Tap

    Tap any water bottle to pour water into another bottle

  • Color

    The way to pour is that you can only pour the water if it is the same color and there’re enough space on the glass bottle

Speaker Camera Water Sort Puzzel
  • Complete

    To complete the level, one bottle must have single color only

Game Screenshots

Water Sort Puzzel
Collect Theme
Fill The Color
No Time Limits
Select Bottel Color
Solve The Puzzel
Tap To Pour Color
Test Your Iq

Water Color Sort Today!

It's Awesome!

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phone Test your iq
phone Solve the puzzel

Reviews About Game

Fidato Hemdeep

Must Download. Hell yeah! There is no Ads during game play so just Loving this game. Now talking about game play and experience, then i must admits here that this is really fun loving game during your short time, If u have 10 to 15 minutes then open a game, play and close. Simply amazingly. I'm givi...

Rakshit Radiya

Many games within the same genre have unique playing styles that differentiate them from the competition. The methodology used in this game by analysing the data. The moment sensor allow players interact with the gaming world in different entertaining ways. Thank you for give us new experience in ga...

Nirav Shirishkumar Sheth

really good timepass game, makes mood and mind fresh , cool, i generally like such games, more and more exciting after each stage

Hardik Mehta

very nice idea and new game , very different levels as you go forward. love to play this in free time.

Darshak Patel

Amazing, Attractive and Aductive game ... Graphic design very attractive...

Natacia Anderson

It took me a very long time to get this game because I didn't have enough space. Anyways, when I did I was like wow this game is the best. It's a great puzzle game. I absolutely love it! The levels are manageable, just one was hard so far. I passed it and continued playing. I have nothing bad to say...

Shimona Mahabir

its a great game its what i have been looking for ages!! theres adds not alot but i recomend adding bottle caps or diamonds so we can unlock bottle caps now its just a boring old cap it doesnt even look like a bcap so i recomend adding that and theirs no complains so far since i just started playing...